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Net Nanny can even recommend which contents are appropriate or not depending on the user’s age. Download Net Nanny now and make the Internet a safer place for the members of your household. The trial version can be used for 14 days. The installation requires that you have an Internet connection. Windows Security Restriction Net Nanny 6. Requirements and additional information:.

Antony Peel. By default, no child is allowed to use their Microsoft account to download adult games or movies. With Windows 10 parental controls, you can fine-tune which content is available through the Windows and Xbox stores by specifying an age range for your child’s account. This is set to your child’s calendar age by default, but can be adjusted as you think best. Finally, even appropriate computer use should be subject to healthy boundaries. Windows 10 parental controls allow you to set appropriate access schedules and limit total use for each day of the week.

If your child needs to use their devices outside the screen time limits you set, they have the option to request additional time. You will receive an email with the option to approve or deny their request. Keep in mind, Net Nanny screen time limits are also available for all of your devices, including iOS and Android.

Microsoft Family or Microsoft Family Safety is a set of features offered by Microsoft, aimed at keeping your family safe and connected. Microsoft Family includes parental controls, location tracking, family planning tools such as shared calendar and lists, and more.

Both Windows 8 and Windows 10 have these features, but Windows 10 is the most up-to-date and full version. A software specifically designed for parental controls such as Net Nanny , ensures that your family is well-protected while still allowing you the flexibility to pick and choose features that work for you. Net Nanny offers even more features and the 1 rated Internet filter to keep your family safe and protected at all times.

The tools provided by Windows 10 can be helpful for parents to use but they do lack some in their ability to accurately and flexibly work as a parental controls software. Madison Nowers is content marketing manager, writer, and mother of three precocious digital natives. She hasn’t had a full night’s sleep since the late twentieth century. Windows macOS. The content blocking setting applies only to a catalog of previously known websites. The settings are exclusive to Microsoft devices and will not cover other devices or device types your family uses.

Getting Started with Windows 10 Parental Controls When your child is signed into a Microsoft device, Microsoft Family parental controls give you several options for filtering inappropriate web content, applications, and media: Limit web browsing in Internet Explorer and Edge to appropriate sites.

Filter mature content from search results. Yes, you can have unique time settings per device. To do this create a unique Net Nanny profile for each device and associate that profile with the device during the setup process.

Parent can create an unlimited number of Net Nanny profiles for their devices or family. New Users are created thru the install process. Windows macOS. You can check the hardware generation of your Kindle Fire you have by doing the following: Check the Kindle generation by opening the Settings App on the Kindle device, select “Device Options” then go to “About Fire Tablet”. This screen will show the model and generation of Kindle device.

Make sure that it is “8th Generation” or above. This screen will show the FireOS version running. For Net Nanny to correctly install you have must have version 6. Go to the Parent Dashboard and login with your account credentials. Select the Menu option in the top right corner Select Manage Installs Select Remove Device from the device you are needing to replace On the new device go to install.

Close the browser and re-launch and try the filter again. This can be resolved by following these steps First uninstall Net Nanny from your device Next Open Firefox Web Browser In the address bar type About:Config and hit enter on your keyboard Accept the prompt for the risks and then search for and select Enterprise Find the option for Ensure security.

Internet Filter Q: How do I block or allow specific websites? To allow or block a specific website, follow these steps: Go to the Parent Dashboard and login with your account credentials. Add specific websites to the Allow or Block lists. Select the Child Profile associated with the device. Select the Profile Settings. Select Block of Allow Specific Apps. Select from list of apps that you wish to block. Learn more about data safety No information available. This is a highly recommended app so thought I’d try it and even paid for the subscription right away Big mistake.

In 5 days I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall my son’s app 4x because it continually crashes and does not work. I contacted customer service and this was the only solution offered. Thankfully still within the free trial phase so will be getting a refund. The concept is good. The execution lacks energy.


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The best free alternative to Net Nanny is Google Family Link. If that doesn’t suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to Net Nanny and. Net Nanny is a parental control system for your Internet connection that makes it possible to avoid access to content that is not recommendable for some members. Net Nanny® lets you monitor your family’s Internet access with parental controls that can protect your child’s Windows desktop or laptop. The parental controls.


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