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Altera de1 usb blaster Windows 10 download driver.Altera USB Blaster Driver Installation Instructions – Terasic Wiki

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My last backup and recovery key were miles away, so I had to reconstruct and reinstall all my applications, sofwares and special files still working on it right now.

I even lost my password safe If anyone knows which blaster clone would run under w10, I think winrows are a certain number blasteer people wishing to have this info De : herme You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Hermes-Lite” group. To unsubscribe deiver this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to hermes-lite I doubt I could ask him to open each box to check the MCU reference…. I ordered from the link below, which is also the same as the one on the wiki page.

I ordered mine from seller alice I’ve never had any issues, and recently started using it on bit Windows I will order a new one downloas see what comes. I’d also recommend the virtual machine route as described in an earlier post. You will have to make sure the driver is not installed in the host, but only in the virtual machine.

I’ve used it with Quartus I bought it for the whopping sum of 2. Посмотреть еще Smith. Reply to author. Report message as abuse. Show original message. Either email addresses 100 anonymous for this group or you need the view member email addresses permission to view the original message.

Atempted to upgrade my H-L2 to the latest firmware, using Quartus When I plugged in my USB Blaster, I saw the pop-up alert telling me the driver had been installed, but when I opened the Quartus Programmer window the device wasn’t detected. Instantly received the Windows 10 equivalent to the old “Blue Screen of Death”.

Found numerous, quite old posts describing this problem, and suggesting alternative device drivers udb tried these Win7 ysbbut device manager refused to install them. So I guess my best option would be to find a different USB Blaster and hope it doesn’t have the same problem. Steve Haynal. Hi Jim. What rriver the Vendor:Device ID of your usb blaster? Do you have some other model? I did have to manually install the driver ddiver described, downllad there was no BSOD or other problems.

On my work Windows 10 laptop, I often run a virtual Linux box. You could try the same. Firefox should be included by default on your virtual machine to download the bitfiles.

Hi Steve. Thanks for your advice. To cut a long story short, turns out it was my original USB Blaster altera usb blaster driver download windows 10 was problem.

Fortunately, I’d found a replacement from drkver UK supplier, which arrived just as I’d managed to install the Altera dirver and replicate the problem on my Windows 10 very slow laptop.

The firmware upgrade itself was a ‘doddle’. It’s wspr’ing away at present, can’t say I can see any difference in performance. Thanks again. Sebastien F4GRX. Hello Same problem here twice, Marc and me with the ebay clones that were pointed out previously on this list. Alan Hopper. Hello, dwonload to be clear the problem happens right when the driver is loaded by windows.

There is no other wire connected to anything, no board, no jtag exchanges, nothing. IMHO this is a bug or dpwnload feature in the driver initialization. Hi Sebastien. Flipped the top off my failing Blaster and it contained the same devices as yours.

As you mentioned eriver your later email, this happens as soon as the Blaster plugged in, as the PC loads the device driver. Altera usb blaster driver download windows 10 Group. People would altera usb blaster driver download windows 10 to have a SD card handy, and would also have to wire up a connector. I’ll see about putting that code on github. I’ve now found the old eBay emails about the programmer purchase: quite interesting, as the seller eBay name was “modulefans” but the email name used for the PayPal payment was “alice” so almost the same as the seller Steve used.

I see that this seller altera usb blaster driver download windows 10 still active and selling the USB Blaster, e. Wolfram Perrey. Driver installation:First disable automatic driver installation over internet or search on computer.

Quartus Prime For driver installation use the install description in the link below starting with the second option:. When it comes to the drivers, адрес страницы are 3 options to chose – Different to the install description below.

Start the Programmer Quartus Prime Despite some concerns regarding this. It never refused. The outer two option are installing without error, but no interface appears in the programmer SW. If You choose the drivers from the path ” Later it ended up with. Of course quartus was installed before, and also the driver! But the quartus programmer does not see the clone without any action from the user.

There is no such possibility to configure the clone adapter as you described. Marc has proved that ссылка на подробности the hang happens at the bad moment, general system corruption читать больше happen.

I have no doubts the clone works, since I made it жмите сюда in Linux with openocd, and the altera usb blaster driver download windows 10 is actually detected. The problem lies in the Quartus Altera usb blaster driver download windows 10 There is a fault doenload the code that shuts down the Windows system in its entirety.

Probably a bad memory reference. Our only hope is another version of the driver, because I doubt Obi Wan Kenobi can help us here. Hello Sebastian, I think that the blue screen behavior is linked to a problem when Windows is going to load the wrong drivers. I was able to replicate of what You described as Your problem and the same behavior I found.

To get it working You must be sure that Your system is clear, downlod the right Quartus ii. Make sure that Windows is disabled to load or install. Its good practice to disable windows altsra any driver from itself. Did You take a look to the links and description and tried to get Your.

I think that there is nothing wrong with Your device and that it works well. Hello Wolfram. I altera usb blaster driver download windows 10 a simple altrea. It is detected by Quartus Programmer, it is detected, altwra I blaser upload the fpga firmware. Quartus Programmer was then installed on Ubuntu, running in a Windows Virtualbox.

Both USB-Blasters altega detected correctly. It seems to me that Sebastien is correct in his assertion that the Quartus Windows device driver is the problem. Then libpng So had to install it. Then complained altera usb blaster driver download windows 10 it failed to load module “canberra-gtk-module”.

It’s almost enough to make me like Windows Hi All. My interpretation is that Wolfram thinks it is the driver too and not the hardware. That is why he gave very explicit instructions on how drover install the driver.

Has anyone tried these instructions? Wolfram, would you be willing to add them to the wiki? Hi Wolfram. What is the device id of your usb blaster? Mine is


Altera USB Blaster Driver Installation Instructions – Terasic Wiki

Windows 10 driver support for USB Blaster? · 1 – Go to windows 10 settings and search for “advanced startup options” · 2 – Under Advanced startup, hit “Restart. Here you can download all latest versions of Microsoft Altera USB-Blaster drivers for Windows devices with Windows 11, 10, , 8, and 7 (bit/bit).


Altera usb blaster driver download windows 10

I tried one option for eliminating driver signing command line and tried the advanced restart settings suggestion above but привожу ссылку ended with a bricked computer and a call to IT to get a bitlocker key.


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