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Don’t make these k mistakes as stocks slide One in 7 investors is making a major error in managing their retirement plan, research shows. Managing Your Money More. How much mortgage can you afford based on your salary, income and assets?

Jul What is a Roth IRA, and how does it work? Your most frequently asked credit card questions, answered Despite their popularity, credit cards can be confusing. Aug 2. Money Tech. Aug 5. Want to cool off in a swimming pool? There’s an app for that Swimply lets private pool owners rent them by the hour, while helping people beat the heat. Apple slows hiring as tech industry tightens belt, report says Other tech industry bellwethers are also trimming jobs as they brace for slower consumer spending.

Once-hot NFTs suddenly are not Hype around nonfungible tokens is starting to fade, but some buyers say they have no regrets. Amazon sues Facebook group administrators over fake reviews Retail giant claims “bad actors” on Facebook are recruiting people to post phony reviews about products sold on Amazon. Bombarded by scammy robo-texts? You’re not alone. Trump will be questioned in New York fraud investigation Wednesday Trump confirmed it in a post on his social network.

Trump ally Rep. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont and Connecticut primary results Trump and Pence have backed different candidates in the Wisconsin Republican primary for governor. Dozens of people missing after packed migrant boat sinks “According to the statements of 29 rescued people, there were 80 people on the boat, so up to 50 people are missing,” according to the Greek Coast Guard.

Man charged with murdering 2 Muslim men in Albuquerque Four Muslim men have been killed in the area over the past several months, and authorities have said their deaths may be linked. Doctor caught on camera allegedly poisoning her husband with Drano Yue Yu, 45, was arrested last Thursday for poisoning her husband of 10 years. New remains found at Lake Mead may be linked to bones found in July Police have speculated that more remains may be discovered as the water level at Lake Mead continues to recede.

Small Business More. For small businesses, looming recession brings uncertainty But Jessica Johnson-Cope, CEO of a family-owned security services company, remains optimistic even as the U.

Aug 3. How to use your car to earn cash without driving for a living You don’t have to work for Uber or Lyft to make money using your car. Jun Jun 1. Retirement More. Dems propose raising taxes on high earners to preserve Medicare Sens. Jul 7. A common retirement strategy can erode your savings: watchdog Workers who move k s into IRAs can lose significant money to a choice they didn’t have to make, new analysis shows.

Jul 4. How can you financially prepare for a recession? More U. Snapchat’s new features will let parents see who their kids are talking to The new in-app tool will let parents keep a closer eye on their kids — without letting them read private conversations.

Truck driver acquitted in deaths of 7 motorcyclists in horrific crash The bikers were members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club, a Marine group. MoneyWatch More MoneyWatch. Italy says “arrivederci” to Domino’s Pizza Restaurant chain hoped to export American-style slices to pizza’s culinary birthplace, but Italians weren’t buying it. Inflation bill could be “game-changing” for millions of seniors Experts say the bill would help many older Americans with high drug costs save thousands of dollars per year.

Politics More Politics. Nebraska woman charged with helping teen daughter have abortion Investigators uncovered Facebook messages in which the two discussed using medication to induce an abortion and plans to burn the fetus afterward.

Health More Health. Health Military medical centers sending huge bills Only on “CBS Mornings,” members of Congress are calling on the Department of Defense to do more to help civilians who have gotten huge medical bills for emergency treatment at U. What is vasculitis? Ashton Kutcher says he battled rare disease “I had this weird, super rare form of vasculitis, that like knocked out my vision, it knocked out my hearing, it knocked out like all my equilibrium,” Kutcher said.

World More World. Star jockey dies after falling from his horse during a race Yanagida, who was nicknamed “Tiger” in the racing industry, reportedly rode winners in New Zealand 1H ago. Study finds spiders likely sleep and dream a lot like people Researchers in Germany monitored jumping spiders as they snoozed, and saw characteristic traits of REM sleep never observed before in invertebrates.

Beluga whale lifted from French river dies during rescue attempt While the sea mammal was successfully lifted out of the river, experts knew he was in poor condition to make the rest of the trip back to sea.

Entertainment More Entertainment. Marshawn Lynch arrested on suspicion of DUI in Las Vegas “Through the course of the investigation, officers determined that Lynch was impaired and conducted an arrest,” Las Vegas police said. Motown legend Lamont Dozier dead at 81 Over a four-year period, , Lamont Dozier and brothers Brian and Eddie Holland crafted more than 25 top 10 songs. Technology More Technology. Cool summer energy bills with smart home systems NerdWallet personal finance expert Sara Rathner explains how to use smart home tech to save on energy costs.

Biden signs bill to boost U. Science More Science. Evidence of “bone-crushing” dog found at Tennessee fossil site The university says this is the first evidence of a dog at the site that was a densely forested habitat with plants and tree-dwelling animals.

Due to climate change, Nevada says goodbye to grass In a state where every drop of water counts, ornamental grass — which accounts for a large percentage of outdoor water use — has been banned in Southern Nevada, just one step being taken to address rising temperatures and shriveling reservoirs.

Aug 7. Experts call for more public urgency on climate change In a state where every drop of water counts, ornamental grass — which accounts for a large percentage of outdoor water use — has been banned in Southern Nevada. Aug 7 Crime More Crime. Arrest made in killings of Muslim men Police in New Mexico have made an arrest in the killing of four Muslim men in Albuquerque. Grandpa, grandkids among 4 dead in golf cart crash: “A bad dream” The driver of the SUV, Miguel Espinoza, has been charged with four counts of intoxication manslaughter.

DNA leads to arrest 40 years after girl abducted from bus stop, killed A detective said he arrested Ramirez, who appeared so shocked he could say little more than, “Oh my gosh. Space More Space. How to watch the Sturgeon moon — the last supermoon of the year The Sturgeon moon will be the last supermoon until August of Scientist apologizes after posting image of star that was actually sausage Etienne Klein apologized for misleading some Twitter followers with his “scientist’s joke.

SpaceX launches Korean moon probe South Korea’s first moon mission will search for ice in permanently shadowed polar craters. Aug 4. Blue Origin launches 6 passengers on sub-orbital trip to space It was the sixth crewed flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard sub-orbital spacecraft.

Latest Galleries More Latest Galleries. The Circleville letters: You’ve got hate mail An anonymous letter writer terrorizes a small town, threatening to expose their rumored dark secrets.

Aug 6 16 photos. Timeline: The Jonelle Matthews case Inside the case against Steven Pankey, a former political candidate who was tried for the kidnapping and murder of a Colorado year-old. Aug 6 21 photos. The 50 most expensive colleges in America, ranked These colleges come with a hefty price tag Aug 3 51 photos. Deadliest states for drug overdoses CDC data reveals which U. Aug 2 51 photos.

Health Care Initiative. Featured Case. HBS Working Paper. By: Rawi Abdelal and Thomas J. Global The Global Initiative builds on a legacy of global engagement by supporting the HBS community of faculty, students, and alumni in their work, encouraging a global outlook in research, study, and practice. Sep Recent Publications. Feeling heard is critical to human flourishing—across domains, relationships are strengthened and individual well-being is enhanced when people feel listened to.

High-quality conversational listening not only requires the cognitive processes of attention and processing, but also behavioral expression to communicate one’s cognitive engagement to others. This need to behaviorally express listening introduces the possibility of deception. Listening can be expressed using non-verbal, paralinguistic, and verbal behaviors.

However, recent work reveals that perceptions of conversational listening are often inaccurate—dishonest portrayals of listening often go undetected, while honest portrayals are sometimes mistaken for deception. This article will review work on listening, arguing that honest high-quality conversational listening is most effectively conveyed and detected using verbal expressions of listening, in part because these cues cannot be faked.

Collins, Hanne. Schweitzer, Emma Levine. Current Opinion in Psychology 47 October Contrary to expectations that economic interdependence might lessen security conflict between China and the U. Together, these trends have blurred the distinction between the state and private capital and resulted in several forms of backlash, including intensified investment reviews, campaigns to exclude Chinese firms from prominent sectors, and novel domestic and international institutions to address perceived threats from Chinese actors.

People are on the move in unprecedented numbers within and between countries. How does demographic change affect local intergroup dynamics? In complement to accounts that emphasize stereotypical features of groups as determinants of their treatment, we propose the group reference dependence hypothesis: violence and negative attitudes toward each minoritized group will depend on the number and size of other minoritized groups in a community.

Specifically, as groups increase or decrease in rank in terms of their size e. We test this hypothesis for hate crimes in U. This framework makes novel predictions about how demographic shifts may affect coalitional structures in the coming years and helps explain previous findings in the literature.

Our results also indicate that attitudes and behaviors toward social categories are not intransigent or driven only by features associated with those groups, such as stereotypes. Roy He, founder and majority shareholder of his family construction material production company, was preparing to pass down the family business through its first generational handover to his children.

His decision would establish his familial legacy and set a precedent for both future generational takeovers and the future of family unity and identity. To assist, He had brought in Hefeng Family Office to develop his succession plan by establishing a family ownership structure, governance system, family trust, and family agreement.

However, he remained dubious: was now the time for him to step back and pass on his legacy to the next generation? He remained reluctant to give up control of the company, and the succession process would require passing on the majority of his shares to his successor. The structures were now in place, but was the family truly ready for him to pass the baton?

Brooks, Arthur C. Breaking new ground for startups, the founders have a difficult set of choices. They could immediately transform SuperRare into a DAO, pursue a tapered option in which the revenue gradually transitioned to the community treasury, or stay the course as a private company. They considered which option was the best for SuperRare and its community of artists and collectors as well as the SuperRare investors and team.

Bussgang, Jeffrey J. In nascent industries—whose new technologies are often poorly understood by regulators—contending with regulatory uncertainty can be crucial to organizational survival and growth. Prior research on nonmarket strategy has largely focused on established firms in mature industries, but such strategies are apt to differ for new ventures, which generally have limited resources and market power and operate in novel domains in which the rules of the game are underdeveloped.

How do new ventures navigate regulatory uncertainty? To explore this question, we conduct an inductive, multi-case research study of five ventures that pioneered the nascent personal-genomics industry. Drawing on extensive qualitative data, we develop an emergent theoretical framework that elucidates how ventures navigate evolving regulatory uncertainty.

In doing so, we also introduce a novel logic of interaction—regulatory co-creation—that ventures can employ to shape emerging regulations.

Taken together, our theory and findings challenge existing perspectives on strategy in nascent industries, shed light on the dynamic interplay between market and nonmarket strategy, and recast the relationship between ventures and regulators during the emergence of new technology industries. Gao, Cheng, and Rory McDonald.



PDF Expert Moves to Annual Subscription Business Model – MacStories

The most you can do on the mobile app is annotate and draw on PDFs. All the reviews are wonderful. Calendars 5 by Readdle. Audrey Goodwin chief Editor.


Pdf expert price free.Aspen Publishing


However, the application is fairly limited in what you can do. For basic and individual users, PDF expert might be enough. But if you are running a ;df business, you need a complete PDF solution that will be able to meet all your standards and requests.

Unlike PDF Expert, it comes with all of the advanced features you need for your daily tasks. The complete solution is available in more than 20 languages, including Dutch, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, and others.

The Pdf expert price free editor by Nuance is pdf expert price free at the business user who needs workflow, sharing features, and similar advanced features that home packages do not include. You can still get the standard version, but the advanced features are not available.

The familiar interface has many advanced and common features. But what shines the most is the multilingual capabilities that make Foxit great choice for international business. With ex;ert the ;df features there, you might feel like this is almost the same tool as PDF Expert. Adobe lacks some of the advanced по этому сообщению of top-rated PDF programs.

However, the basic tools are sometimes more than enough for some users. The problem with the program is the difficulty of use.

Readdle, the company behind Experrt expert, often offers promo codes. You can find them on websites like dayscoupon. As with any other program, the official version is always better. When you use the crack for PDF Expert, you need to know that all files experg uploaded by regular users, not the company behind the product.

That means you download and use it on your own responsibility. The moment you install the crack, you lose the option to call customer service. It is easy to see what users are saying with a simple Google search.

Pvf g2crowd, one of prf largest and best websites for customer pdf expert price free, PDF Expert pdf expert price free received both good and bad reviews. Here are some examples:. Their support team is really helpful, but usually, the built-in help on the “New Tab” is good enough. Using PDF expert should be simple and easy to do. There are guides and tutorials for every feature and for every task you can find on the website of the product. PDF Expert is a software built with pdf expert price free editing options.

Pdf expert price free software allows you to change texts, add images, replace images, add links, and change font style and color. On expfrt new window with your PDF file go to the toolbar and click on the “Edit” button.

There you can edit the vree and images of the PDF file. Click on the “Text” button and navigate the cursor to the text field to begin editing. Click on it and add, delete, and replace texts. Still, under psf “Edit” option click on the “Image” icon and move to space where you want to add an image. Click on it and upload the image from your Mac. Buy PDFelement right pdf expert price free Audrey Goodwin.

Audrey Goodwin chief Editor.

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