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Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Flash comes with predesigned motiontweens that you can use in your animation. New Motion Editor. I’ve been teaching Flash since version 3 and writing books since version 5. Flash Video has been a popular choice основываясь на этих данных websites due to the large and programmability of Flash. Gana Dinero con Nosotros. In fact, we invite and encourage youto submit such corrections and updates yourself.


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Since Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after December 31, and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, Download free trials and updates for Adobe products including Creative Cloud, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, and many more.


Download and installation help for Adobe apps.Coolorus – the best color wheel for Photoshop


Flash cookies are not shared across. Most browsers’ cache and history suppress or delete functions did not affect Flash Player’s writing Local Shared Objects to its own cache in version Thus, users with those versions, having deleted HTTP cookies and purged browser history files and caches, may believe that they have purged all tracking data from their computers when in fact Flash browsing history remains. See also. IntroductionFlash has been the gold standard in multimedia creation software for over 10 years.

Over theyears, Flash earned a following of programming geeks as an alternative to Java for creatingvector-based Web graphics. In the 21st century, though, anyone with a desktop computer oreven a laptop can be a Web animator. Here are just some of the things you can create with Flash. Drawings and animations. Flash gives you the drawingtools to create original artwork and the animation tools to give it movement and life.

Flash recognizes multimedia files created using other programs, so you canenrich your animations with image, sound, and video files you already have or that youfind on the Web. Multimedia Web sites. You can create original drawingsand animations with Flash, add in voice-overs, background music, and video clips, and thenpublish it all to a Web page with the click of a button.

You can even position elements on the screen precisely and then change the layout atruntime. With Flash, even regular folks can create real-time video blogs and eye-grabbingsplash pages. In fact, the most famous multimedia site of them all, YouTube, uses Flash todisplay videos. Figure 2. Over half of the banner ads you see on the Web were produced using Flash.

The bestones combine creativity with action. Here, Magritte-like characters float up into theair, suspended from their umbrellas. Clicking the banner zips you to a different Webpage, where you can place an order online. Web-based training courses, which ofteninclude a combination of text, drawings, animations, video clips, and voice-overs, are anatural fit for Flash.

By hooking Flash up to a server on the back end, you can evenpresent your audience with graded tests and up-to-the-minute product information. Full-length ads and product presentations. Marketingtypes can use Flash to create slick, storyboarded, buy-our-stuff-now animations andprogram mock-ups. Customer service kiosks.

Many of the kiosks you see instores and building lobbies use Flash to help customers find what they need. For example,photo kiosks walk customers through the process of transferring images from their digitalcameras and ordering their own prints; kiosks in banks let customers withdraw funds, checkinterest rates, and make deposits.

Television and film effects. The Hollywood set has beenknown to use Flash to create spectacular visual effects for TV shows and even smallfeature films. But where the TV and film industry is seriously adopting Flash is onpromotional Web sites, where they wed Flash graphics to scenes taken from their movies andshows to present powerful trailers, interactive tours of movie and show sets, and teasers.

You can find hundreds of them on YouTube alone. Games and other programs. Additional graphic effects. With Flash CS4Professional, you get convenient extras like filters predefinedblurs, glows, and drop shadows , blend modes transparency effectsthat make compositing, or combining images, easy , andcustom easing the ability to slow down or speed up animatedtweens with the click of a button.

Support for mobile authoring. Flash CS4 Professionalcomes with mobile templates to help you size your animations for handhelds , anemulator to let you see how your animations will appear on every handheld that Flashsupports , and built-in publishing options.

Support for high-end video manipulation. Flash CS4Professional gives you extra tools, including the Flash Video Exporter a QuickTimeplug-in that lets you create Flash video files using any Apple QuickTime-compatiblevideo authoring tool and the Flash Video Encoder a standalone program that lets youconvert regular video files to Flash video files.

Using Flash CS4 Professional, you canlink to external video files and even layer video clips on top of each other to createsophisticated composite effects. For the most part, there were sighs of relief when Adobe foldedboth beloved programs into its high-powered Creative Suite. The big change came with FlashCS3, which introduced a new workspace that was more consistent with other Adobe programs,including Photoshop.

CS3 was the first versionof Flash to include ActionScript 3. With Flash CS4, Adobe continues to update Flash at a rapid pace, adding powerful newfeatures and improving the workspace, like making it easier to arrange and organize windows. Applying tweens directly to objects. When you wantsomething to change in your animation, you show Flash how it looks at the beginning andhow it looks at the end. Flash creates all the in-between frames.

The process is calledtweening. Flash has always had tweens, but Flash CS4 introduces anew way of animating objects. Instead of applying tweens to keyframes, you apply tweensdirectly to the object you want to move.

The new system for working with motion tweensis fast, easy to understand, and easy to use. New Motion Editor. Adobe gives you more control thanever over your tweens. It gives you the kind of power that video editors have enjoyed using Adobe AfterEffects. Motion presets. Flash comes with predesigned motiontweens that you can use in your animation. The presets that come in the box includeactions like bounce, fly-in, fly-out, pulse, spiral, and wave. Animating objects in 3D space.

Flash is dipping itsgraphic toe in 3D waters. You can animate movie clips in three dimensions, which is agreat effect for text, still images, and other objects. IK Bones. The Bones tool and Binding tool will save you tons of time when you animateconnected objects. Adobe AIR is a newAdobe technology for publishing programs for computer desktops and handheld devices likephones and palmtop computers.

Using Flash, you can now design programs and animations for a wider audience. Sound Samples Library. Flash CS4 now includes dozensof sound samples that you can drop into your animations. A victim of bad timing, she moved to Silicon Valley just before the great crash.

She spent several years working for Yahoo! Upon discovering that technical book writing actually paid real money, she learned to accept and enjoy it. Finally giving in to her creative writing bent, she moved to the New York area to get an MFA in creative writing. She currently creates Flash animations and applications that range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Using graphics, animation, sound, and interactivity, Flash can excite, teach, entertain, and provide practical information.

With this version of Flash, Adobe has introduced some valuable new features, as well as further integrated Flash CS4 into its suite of products. This interoperability only increases as time goes on. More than half a billion users already have the free Flash player that enables them to view Flash movies. The fact that Adobe continues to distribute this software so effectively means the potential audience for Flash content is huge and continues to grow.

The tools needed to create Flash movies are within your reach. After you purchase Flash, the only investment you need to make is time to learn. People can grow from fiddling with Flash to making entertaining movies.

Imagine a great musician picking up and learning an instrument in a matter of days. It really is that amazing. This book is organized in such a way that you should start seeing successes quickly.

In a few more hours, you are making animations. Finally, after 24 one-hour lessons, you are unstoppable. Where you take your skills is up to you, but you get a great foundation here. You might not feel like a pro overnight, but you will feel you have a powerful communication tool in your control. Get ready to have some fun! This is the sixth edition of this book.

To prevent the material from getting stale, we change quite a bit in each revision, as well as cover the new CS4 features with some depth.

However, the way people use Flash and Flash in general has definitely broadened significantly. Technologies, such as Apollo and the Flex Framework, have attracted a new set of developers all delivering Flash content. The CS4 upgrade is offers a few new tools, techniques, and further integrates with other Adobe CS4 products. Instead, we focus on animation techniques, graphics, and delivering to the web.

You also spend a whole hour exploring new features including video with the full-screen mode; Inverse Kinematics, the art of animating things connected to other things; and 3D animation. This book contains minimal, but crucial, coverage of ActionScript. We try not to go too much in-depth, but we cover enough to give you an idea of how it works. We do cover Flash Components—ready-built and self-contained objects that include advanced ActionScript code, but also keep you insulated from that code.

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